Papworth, S. K., Bunnefeld, N., Slocombe, K. and Milner-Gulland, E. J. (2012), Movement ecology of human resource users: using net squared displacement, biased random bridges and resource utilization functions to quantify hunter and gatherer behaviour. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 3, 584–594.

When the above paper was published, 5 minor errors occurred in the supplementary information; please see the following corrections that have subsequently been made:

1. The website to download the example file has been changed from: to

2. The code to upload the example file has been changed from Papworth et al example data.txt, to Papworth_data.txt

3. The typo: d1$INE has been changed to d1$IND

4. The typo: d9a1x<-data.frame(d9a1$Var1,d9a1$Var2,d9a1$n)has been changed to d9a1x<-data.frame(d9a1$Var2,d9a1$Var1,d9a1$n

5. To ensure that code runs forward correctly, Community<-c(9261222,3466080) has been changed to Community<-c(3466080,9261222)