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Validation of the Quality of Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes (Q-DIO) Instrument for Use in Brazil and the United States


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To assess the reliability and validity of Quality of Diagnoses, Interventions, and Outcomes (Q-DIO) in Brazil and in the United States.


The sample comprised 180 records: centers 1 (electronic records and standardized language) and 2 (paper-based records without standardized language in Brazil, and center 3 (electronic records without standardized language) in the United States. Reliability and discriminant construct validity was analyzed.


Cronbach's alpha for all 29 Q-DIO items were greater than or equal to 0.70 for all centers; construct validity was significantly different between the three study centers.


These results indicate that Q-DIO is valid and reliable for assessing the quality of nursing records.

Implications for Nursing Practice

The Q-DIO may be useful to assess the quality and accuracy of nursing records.

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