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A Shovel-Ready Solution to Fill the Nursing Data Gap in the Interdisciplinary Clinical Picture


  • Conflict of Interest: The HANDS software that is discussed in this article is owned and distributed by HealthTeam IQ, LLC. Dr. Gail Keenan is the President and CEO of this company and has a current conflict of interest statement of explanation and management plan in place with the University of Florida. National funding for content noted in this article includes NIH NINR R01NR03437, P30NR01068-S1, and AHRQ R01HS015054.



To critically evaluate 2014 American Academy of Nursing (AAN) call-to-action plan for generating interoperable nursing data.


Healthcare literature.


AAN's plan will not generate the nursing data needed to participate in big data science initiatives in the short term because Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes and Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms are not yet ripe for generating interoperable data. Well-tested viable alternatives exist.


Authors present recommendations for revisions to AAN's plan and an evidence-based alternative to generating interoperable nursing data in the near term. These revisions can ultimately lead to the proposed terminology goals of the AAN's plan in the long term.