Fig. S1 AC5 expression in mouse and human tissue expression panel derived from public database.

Fig. S2 Change of body weight and organ weight change after CR.

Fig. S3 Genes shared by AC5 KO and CR in liver.

Fig. S4 Comparison of control diet vs. ad lib diet on metabolism.

Fig. S5 Comparison of control diet vs. ad lib diet (n = 6/group) on the selective genes of olfactory receptors (Olfrs) and Sirt1 which were commonly shared by AC5 and CR (Fig. 5).

Fig. S6 Common gene pathways shared by different organs in 14 month old AC5 KO and CR.

Table S1 Similarities in gene ontology (GO) changes between AC5 KO and CR.

Table S2 Shared gene expression in different tissues of AC5 KO and CR.

Table S3 Upregulated and downregulated genes in both CR and AC5 KO that frequently contained binding sites for the following transcription factors.

Table S4 Significant TFBS.

Table S5 Primer sequences for qPCR.

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