Fig. S1 (a) Time course of MyoD + MHC expression, in human MPCs obtained from young (n = 5) and elderly (n = 4) subjects. (b) Time course of MyoD + MHC expression, in senescent cells (n = 5) vs. non-senescent cells (n = 5). Cells were either differentiated at early passage or at several time points during the culture period (16 and 28 days, n = 5) until they reached replicative senescence. Data are mean value ± SD.

Fig. S2 Images of cells taken from (a) young (from a male subject aged 25), (b) elderly (from a male subject aged 80) and (c) senescent MPCs stained for MyoD (green) + MHC (red) and Hoechst (blue) after 7 days in differentiation medium. Scale bar = 20 μm. Young and elderly cells were similar in terms of MHC and MyoD expression. There was a decrease in the onset of MHC and MyoD expression when cells reached senescence.

Table S1 Primary antibodies used.

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