Fig. S1 Deletion of the TSA1 gene causes increase ROS in 20% oxygen conditon.

Fig. S2 Sequence alignment of telomere XV-L from the wild type (A) and tsa1 mutant (B).

Fig. S3 Senescence and telomere length are similar between the tsa1 and tsa1 est2 mutants.

Fig. S4 Expression of telomerase subunits and telomerase activity are not changed in the tsa1 mutant.

Fig. S5 Telomere length analysis of a strain carrying URA3-Telomere.

Fig. S6 Measurement for oxidative DNA lesions in the tsa1 mutant.

Fig. S7 Measurement for DNA blocking lesions in telomere DNA.

Table S1 Primers used in quantitative PCR.

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Data S1 Yeast strains and genetic procedures.

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