Fig. S1 Inactivation of leucyl-tRNA synthetase lrs-1 induces phospho-eIF2α levels in a gcn-2-dependent manner.

Fig. S2 Induction of atf-5::gfp transgene by eIF2α(RNAi) or tunicamycin does not require GCN-2 activity.

Fig S3 gcn-2 deletion does not alter fertility in wild-type or eat-2 mutants.

Fig. S4 Loss of GCN-2 activity sensitizes animals to amino acid limitation.

Fig. S5. RNAi efficiency is not affected in gcn-2 mutant worms.

Fig. S6 GCN-2 regulates the induction of PHA-4 target genes in eat-2 mutants.

Fig. S7 Inactivation of gcn-2 affects the induction of a Ppha-4::gfp reporter under oxidative stress.

Fig. S8 Loss of gcn-2 but not atf-5 increases the stress sensitivity of worms.

Table S1 List of the strains used in this study.

Table S2 List of primers used for plasmid construction in this study.

Table S3 Summary of data from independent repeats of lifespan experiments.

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