Fig. S1 Female–male mortality difference profiles of wDah (black) and w1118 (blue).

Fig. S2 Gender Difference Profiles of Control and Mutants separately for wDah (A) w1118 (B).

Fig. S3 Variation of female Drosophila controls in different strains.

Fig. S4 Correlation analysis of median lifespan and percentage lifespan extension in flies.

Fig. S5 Correlation analysis of median lifespan and Cox proportional hazards coefficient for control–treatment difference in flies.

Table S1 SurvCurv IDs used for the gender difference plots (not all are publicly available).

acel12123-sup-0002-DataS1.pdfapplication/PDF9KData S1 References of articles from which median or mean values were extracted for the analysis lifespan extension and lifespan of the control.

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