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Fig. S1 Expression of stem cell markers and tendon-related genes in TSPC.

acel12124-sup-0002-FigS2.docxWord document389KFig. S2 Colony-forming unit (CFU) assay conducted with three different TSPC densities.
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Fig. S3 Comparison of a three-lineage differentiation of Y-TSPC and A-TSPC.

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Fig. S4 Heatmap of the top 100 differentially expressed probesets.

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Table S1 Summary of the donor groups.

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Table S2 FACS analysis of MSC- and hematopoietic-related surface markers in TSPC.

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Table S3 Antibodies used in the study.


Table S4 Complete microarray data.

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Table S5 Categorization of the 130 differentially expressed genes in the microarray.

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Table S6 Differentially expressed genes selected from the microarray data for further validation on RNA or protein level.

Table S7 Primer pairs and PCR conditions.

Supplementary information of study protocols including detailed information on: Calculation of population doubling and colony-forming unit (CFU assay); FACS and immunocytochemistry protocols; Three-lineage differentiation protocols; RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis and PCR; Microarray analysis; Western blotting protocols.

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