Fig. S1 The let-418::gfp transgenes, swEx661 and swEx662 are not expressed in the germ cells.

Fig. S2 The mRNA level of tcer-1 was quantified using qRT-PCR.

Fig. S3 Loss of let-418 does not result in altered DAF-16 subcellular localization or a change in the daf-16 mRNA levels.

Fig. S4 tbh-1, clec-87 and vit-3 are downregulated in let-418(lf) mutants.

Fig. S5 The efficiency of kri-1 RNA depletion was assessed using kri-1::gfp transgenic worms.


Table S1 Mutations in let-418 increase lifespan.

Table S2 Reproductive status of let-418 alleles.

Table S3 let-418 genetic interactions with other mutations influencing ageing.

Table S4 Mutations in let-418 enhance oxidative stress resistance.

Table S5 Mutations in let-418 enhance thermic stress resistance.

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