Fig. S1 PTEN loss leads to increased β-cell size.

Fig. S2 PTEN controls increases islet mass and β-cell mitotic activity in adult.

Fig. S3 High dose STZ treatment induces beta cell apoptosis in Pten null islets.

Fig. S4 PTEN loss leads to upregulation of cyclin D1 and downregulation of p16 expression.

Fig. S5 Increased p16 but not p53 signaling in aged β-cells.

Fig. S6 Loss of p16ink4a leads to increased proliferation in b-cells from old mice.

Fig. S7 PTEN loss allows cells to escape cell cycle arrest after cell division.

Fig. S8 Inducing Pten deletion in vivo leads to downregulation of p16 and increased proliferation in β-cells.

Fig. S9 Protein levels of Ezh2, Bmi-1 and p16 in mEFs where Ezh2 and Bmi-1 are downregulated.

Table S1 Primers used for qPCR analysis for mouse genes.

Table S2 Primers used for qPCR analysis of human genes.

Table S3 Primers used for Chip assay.

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