Fig. S1 The 3′UTR of Nampt mRNA contains a miR-34a binding site.

Fig. S2 Effects of high fat diet on hepatic NAMPT expression.

Fig. S3 Effects of miR-34a on NAMPT expression.

Fig. S4 Effects of in vivo silencing of miR-34a on NAMPT mRNA levels.

Fig. S5 Effects of downregulation of SIRT1 by siRNA on acetylation of NF-kB.

Fig. S6 Effects of Ad-miR-34a on expression of FA transport genes.

Fig. S7 Effects of Ad-miR-34a on glucose tolerance.

Fig. S8 Effects of Ad-miR-34a on liver staining by H&E.

Fig. S9 Effects of treatment with NMN on NAD+ levels.

Fig. 10 Effects of treatment with FK866 on cellular NAD+ levels.

Fig. S11 Effects of treatment with resveratrol on NAMPT protein and NAD+ levels.

Fig. S12 Effects of anti-miR-34a treatment on liver fat accumulation and macrophage infiltration.

Fig. S13 Effects of anti-miR-34a treatment on serum AST/ALT levels.

Fig. S14 Primer sequences for q-RTPCR analysis are shown.

Fig. S15 Primer sequences for semi-quantitative PCR for the ChIP assays are shown.

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