Fig. S1 Genetic interaction between hsf-1 and rsks-1 for growth during development and adult lifespan phenotypes.

Fig. S2 Decrease in the lifespan of rsks-1 mutants by daf-16 RNAi treatment.

Fig. S3 The effects of rsks-1 mutations on the survival responses to heat and osmotic stresses.

Fig. S4 rsks-1 mutations induce a subset of HSF-1 target genes in an hsf-1-dependent manner upon treatment with heat shock.

Fig. S5 Increased dauer formation by rsks-1 mutation requires daf-16 but not hsf-1.

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Table S1 Lifespan analysis.

Table S2 Survival analysis other than lifespan analysis.

Data S1 Experimental procedures.

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