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Fig. S1 Expression patterns of lin-44pro::4xNLSGFP, elt-20pro::4xNLS GFP, and mom-2pro::4xNLS GFP Wnt ligands during aging.

Fig. S2 Expression patterns cwn-1pro::4xNLSGFP and cwn-2pro::4xNLSGFP Wnt ligands in young adult worms.

Fig. S3 Post-translational stability of ELT-3 GATA is not affected in Wnts RNAi treatment.

Fig. S4 mom-2(RNAi) treatment does not slow the rate of reproduction of wild type worms.

Table S1 The median life span of the wild type and Wnt ligand mutant worms does not change after exposure to the cellular or the oxidative stress.

Table S2 Strains used in this study.

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