Fig. S1 Force-Frequency relationship and fiber cross-sectional areas of the gastrocnemius muscle of WT and MuRF1 KO mice at 18 and 24 months of age.

Fig S2 Capillary density in the gastrocnemius muscle of 18 and 24m old WT and MuRF1 KO mice.

Fig. S3 Expression of 19S and 20S proteasome subunits in young and old WT and MuRF1 KO mice.

Fig. S4 Quantification of the phosphorylation and total protein levels of Akt and S6K1 in the plantaris muscle of old WT and MuRF1 KO mice following functional overload.

Table S1 Muscle isometric twitch properties of WT and MuRF1 KO mice.

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