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Fig. S1 Parametric analysis of gene-set enrichment (PAGE) was performed on microarray data from SIRT1+/+, SIRT1+/− and SIRT1−/− mice fed ad libitum (AL) or subjected to 40% CR.

Fig. S2 Genes affected by CR in a SIRT1 gene-dose dependent manner. (A) IRS2 GCK, and MUP1 mRNA levels were measured by RT-qPCR in liver homogenates from ad libitum (AL) and 40% CR-fed SIRT1+/+, SIRT1+/− and SIRT1−/− mice. n = 3 for all groups (*p < 0.05 compared to SIRT1+/+).

Table S1 Numbers and survival characteristics of SIRT1+/+, SIRT1+/− and SIRT1−/− ad libitum (AL) and calorie-restricted (CR) mice.

Table S2 Significance for all pairwise comparisons (diet, genotype and sex) using log rank test.

Table S3 Z-scores of top 100 genes altered by CR and sorted against SIRT1−/− mice.

Table S4 List of genes affected by CR in a SIRT1-independent manner.

Table S5 RT-qPCR validation of genes affected by CR in a SIRT1-independent manner.

Table S6 Pathologies and abnormalities in old mice (> 24 months).

Table S7 RT-qPCR validation of microarray data.

Table S8 Primer sequences used for quantitative PCR analysis.

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