Fig. S1 SKN-1 and DAF-16 expression and localization are unaffected by mdt-15 depletion or mutation.

Fig. S2 mdt-15 is required for arsenite gene inductions in L4 and adult worms.

Fig. S3 MDT-15 is required to upregulate SKN-1 targets upon loss of wdr-23.

Fig. S4 Expression controls for yeast-two-hybrid fusion proteins.

Fig. S5 The tm2182 mutation is an in-frame deletion and the resulting MDT-15 protein is expressed in vivo and transcriptionally active in yeast.

Fig. S6 Requirement of mdt-15 for gene expression and longevity in two daf-2 mutants.

Fig. S7 fat-6(tm331); fat-7(wa36) double mutants are not sensitive to tBOOH and fat-6 RNAi causes developmental defects.

Fig. S8 mdt-15 is required to induce several tBOOH responsive genes.

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Table S1 Identities of genes downregulated in mdt-15(RNAi) worms and induced by oxidative stress.

Table S2 Survival of mutant strains on 5 mM sodium arsenite.

Table S3 Survival of mutant strains on 6 mM tBOOH.

Table S4 Survival of RNAi-treated worms on 6 mM tBOOH.

Table S5 Survival of PUFA-treated worms on 6 mM tBOOH.

Table S6 Lifespans of daf-2(e1370) mutants on control and mdt-15 RNAi.

Table S7 Lifespans of daf-2(e1368) mutants on control and mdt-15 RNAi.

Table S8 List of worm strains.

Table S9 List of qPCR primers.

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