Fig. S1 Lifespan-extending compounds can show structural similarity or have common substructures.

Fig. S2 Structures of lifespan-extending compounds and their effects on stress resistance.

Fig. S3 Dose response curves for lifespan-extending compounds.

Fig. S4 Effects of lifespan-extending compounds on bacterial growth.

Fig. S5 Parametric survival-time model based on the Gompertz equation.

Fig. S6 Density function f(t).

Fig. S7 Probability of detecting % increases in lifespan.

Table S1 Results of primary screen.

Table S2 Summary of C. elegans lifespan experiments with 57 hit compounds.

Table S3 Summary of stress resistance experiments in C. elegans.

Table S4 Screening data overview and total numbers.

Data S1 Generation of a parametric survival-time model.

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