Fig. S1 NT219 elevates the levels MnSOD in Neuroblastoma 2a (N2a) cells.

Fig. S2 NT219 elevates the activity of the hsp-16.2 promoter.

Fig. S3 BMS-754807 has no effect on the activity of the hsp-16.2 promoter.

Fig. S4 daf-2 RNAi treatment has indistinguishable counter-proteotoxic effects when applied from hatching or from day 1 of adulthood.

Fig. S5 NT219 has no effect on paralysis of daf-16 RNAi-treated Aβ worms.

Fig. S6 NT219 treatment during reproductive adulthood does not affect lifespan.

Table S1 Relative motility of polyQ35-YFP worms (corresponding Figure 4C).

Table S2 Lifespans (corresponding Figures 6C,D).

acel12171-sup-0002-movieS1.avivideo/avi612KMovie S1 Day 11 old polyQ0-YFP worms – untreated.
acel12171-sup-0003-movieS2.avivideo/avi624KMovie S2 Day 11 old polyQ35-YFP worms – vehicle-treated.
acel12171-sup-0004-movieS3.avivideo/avi583KMovie S3 Day 11 old polyQ35-YFP worms – NT219 treated.
acel12171-sup-0005-movieS4.avivideo/avi577KMovie S4 Day 11 old polyQ35-YFP worms – daf-2 RNAi treated.
acel12171-sup-0006-DataS1.docxWord document17KData S1 Experimental procedures.

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