Fig. S1 Comparison of pathway expression for the prostate on a subnetwork centered on the Gene Ontology (GO) term, ‘polyamine biosynthetic process.’

Fig. S2 Differential regulation of Odc1 mRNA expression in prostate tissues obtained from castrated mice after testosterone and Fst treatments.

Fig. S3 Recombinant Fst does not affect Odc1 protein expression in LnCaP cells.

Fig. S4 Odc1 expression is consistently upregulated by testosterone supplementation in castrated mice in vivo.

Fig. S5 Effect of castration and testosterone supplementation on prostate weights in mice.

acel12174-sup-0002-TableS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel4941KTable S1 Gene expression analysis for identifying androgen-sensitive and follistatin-sensitive genes in the prostate and levator ani, along with Gene Ontology (GO) term enrichment analysis for the associated sets of genes.
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