acel12175-sup-0001-DataS1.docWord document40KData S1 Methods.

Fig. S1 mTOR signaling pathways have similar decrease in all three groups.

Fig. S2 Rapamycin levels in livers of Rapa and Rapa + DR mice.

Fig. S3 qRT-PCR of genes in the livers of female mice fed multiple doses of rapamycin.

Table S1 Both linear discrimination predictor and quadratic discriminant analysis show differences between Rapa and DR.

Table S2 Percent change in the transcriptome analysis using various filtering criteria.

Table S3 Caloric and diet composition of LabDiet 5LG6-JL diet.

Table S4 Genes potentiated by the combined treatment of rapamycin and dietary restriction.


File S1 File (SF1- Dataset.xls) containing data for significantly changed gene list, IPA pathways, pathway comparisons, and metabolites.

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