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Fig. S1 Schematic representation depicting the coding region (CR) and mutants of Src family mRNA.

Fig. S2 let-7a specifically represses the expression of p66Shc.

Fig. S3 let-7a inhibits the loading of p66Shc onto the p bodies but promotes the presence of p66Shc in the polysome.

Fig. S4 Overexpression of p66Shc shortens the life span and accelerates the replicative senescence of HDFs.

Fig. S5 Overexpression of p52Shc does not influence replicative senescence and life span.

Fig. S6 Overexpression of p46Shc does not influence replicative senescence and life-span.

Fig. S7 Ectopic expression of p66Shc CR fragment rescues the effect of let-7a on repressing p66Shc expression and extending the cellular life span.

Data S1 Experimental procedures.

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