acel12186-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF59KFig. S1 Scatterplot of the first two principal component scores based on the 229 SNPs (MAF > 0.01) identified in the 1291 mtDNA analyzed sequences.
acel12186-sup-0002-TabS1.pdfapplication/PDF27KTable S1. a and b. Haplogroup distribution in males and females.
acel12186-sup-0003-TabS2.pdfapplication/PDF324KTable S2. List of all the mutations identified in our sample by the complete mtDNA sequencing.

Table S3. mtDNA mutations found in our study and previously associated with diseases.

Table S4. Distribution of 90+ and controls from different centers participating in the GEHA project.

Table S5. Sample distribution and general characteristics of the study participants.

Table S6. Modified primer pairs for complete resequencing.

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