Fig. S1 Body weights of mice over the course of the experiment.

Fig. S2 Topograph plot for turnover analysis.

Fig. S3 mTOR Western.

Fig. S4 Mitochondrial copy number and mitochondrial biogenesis markers did not increase with CR or RP.

Fig. S5 Precursor pool increased over time in all experimental group.

Fig. S6 Distribution of relative standard error of half-lives.

Fig. S7 Linear regression fits of peptide abundance (peptide isotopologue area) over the labeling period indicate no significant change.

Fig. S8 Topograph LOESS regression of chromatogram alignment for abundance analysis.

acel12203-sup-0002-SupplementaryMethods.docWord document82KMethod S1 Altered proteome turnover and remodeling by subacute caloric restriction and rapamycin rejuvenate the aging heart

Table S1 Slope of proteome dynamics (turnover)

Table S2 (A) Pathway analysis of YCL versus OCL. (B) Pathway analysis of OCR versus OCL. (C) Pathway analysis of ORP versus OCL.

Table S3 Protein abundance ratio (log2 of fold change)

Table S4 Top pathway abundance ratio (for heat map)

Table S5 Top pathway half-life ratios (for heat map)

Table S6 Metabolic profiling

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