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Method S1 Plasmid and retroviruses.

Table S1 Oligonucleotides used in this study.

Fig. S1 PIM-1 Expression is Up-regulated in senescent WI38 cells.

Fig. S2 Ectopic Expression of PIM-1 Causes Premature Senescence.

Fig. S3 PIM-1 depletion delays cellular senescence in BJ cells.

Fig. S4 PIM-1 knockdown diminishes the DNA-Damage Response of cells to RasV12.

Fig. S5 Anti-pHP1γS93 antibody reacts in western blot analysis with the WT HP1γ protein but not with the S93A mutant, when exposed to rPIM-1 (top panel).

Fig. S6 PKA activity in young and Ras-induced senescent cells.

Fig. S7 Phosphorylated HP1γ that is associated with cellular senescence.

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