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Table S1. Percentage and absolute number (95% CI) of US population (2005) with alcohol use disorder (AUD), alcohol dependence (AD), and alcohol abuse (AA), by sex and age.

Table S2. Proportion of all deaths associated with AUD in 2005, by sex and age.

Table S3. Number of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) associated with AUD in 2005, by sex and age.

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Table S4. Characteristics of 9 studies on alcohol use disorder (AUD) and all-cause mortality in general population samples, 1994-2012.

Table S5. Relative risks used in this study compared to the relative risks confined to studies of the United States.

Table S6. Disability weights used in this study compared to the disability weights of the Global Burden of Disease and Injury Study 2010.

Data S1. Studies on the validity and reliability of NESARC AUDADIS.

Fig. S1. Conceptual model of DISMOD 2.

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