Figure S1. Location of the 384 Special Protection Areas (SPA) in France.

Figure S2. Location of the 1369 Sites of Community Interest (SCI) to be designated as Special Areas for Conservation by the European Union.

Table S1. Species response to the Natura 2000 ratio (mean estimate, S.E. within brackets) and associated P-values. SSI and STI represent the species specialization and the species trophic indices. The last two columns represent the number of data kept in each species-specific model and the number of occurrences in this new dataset.

Table S2. Number of distance lag for which a positive, significant spatial autocorrelation is found, in the raw data and in the residuals of the models.

Appendix S1. Description of the Natura 2000 network in France.

Appendix S2. Specific responses to Natura 2000 and values of the SSI and the STI for each species.

Appendix S3. Assessment of the remaining spatial autocorrelation (after Lichstein et al., 2002).

Appendix S4. List of species being generalist, farmland and woodland specialists.

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