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  1. Survival on the ark: life-history trends in captive parrots Volume 15, Issue 1, 28–43, Article first published online: 21 July 2011

Young, A.M., Hobson, E.A., Lackey, L.B. & Wright, T.F. (2012). Survival on the ark: life history trends in captive parrots. Anim Conserv. 15, 2843.

Information was inadvertently omitted from the Methods section regarding the handling of lifespan records for parrots that did not live their entire lifespan within ISIS institutions. For birds that were hatched outside of the ISIS system, we used their date of entry into the ISIS system (IN) as their hatch date for calculation of their lifespan. Likewise we used the date birds moved outside the ISIS system (OUT) as their death date. If individuals were still alive as of March 24, 2008, we used this date as their death date in the calculation of lifespan. Date of entry (IN) was also used as hatch date when calculating the age of birds that were still living within the ISIS system as of March 24, 2008.