Appendix S1. Detailed partitioning and algorithm selection methods.

Table S1. Methods used to build species distribution models, with corresponding parameters.

Figure S1. (a) Discriminatory power (AUC values) and (b) ratio of observed to expected sensitivity (Sobs/Sexp) for the three algorithms used to fit mdl1 and implemented for each calibration sample size (SSEN = ENFA; ME = MaxEnt; ML = MaxLike). Horizontal gray bar indicates the interval of desirable predictive accuracy (0.80–1.20); values above this indicate overprediction and below, underprediction.

Figure S2. (a) Predicted area of suitable habitat (ME) or occurrence (ML), and (b) percentage of that area identified as potential ecological trap (ET) for each algorithm, for each calibration subset size (SS) tested.

Figure S3. Relationship between MaxEnt and MaxLike predictions for each map cell. Dotted red line indicates perfect agreement.

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