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I understand that concerns have been raised in the pages of this journal on the demise of drug and alcohol libraries ([1]; see also Letters. Addiction 2013; 108: 431–9). Of course, one of the most significant of these in the United Kingdom was the library established by the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence (ISDD). Financial difficulties forced DrugScope out of the building we had bought in the mid-1990s and, now that we had to move to rented accommodation, this meant that the library became too expensive to sustain. The library was then put into storage in the hope that a new home could be found. Now, after about 4 years of trying, I am pleased to report that the library will shortly be moving to Swansea University to be part of a new unit run by David Bewley-Taylor. In addition, a number of out-of-print classic texts from the library can be found at


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