Self-assessment quiz

Oral health in Australian HIV patients since the advent of combination antiretroviral therapy

The Scientific article Oral health in Australian HIV patients since the advent of combination antiretroviral therapy by Freeman et al. on page 470 describes the prevalence of various oral manifestations in individuals with HIV infection amongst an Australian population. Test your knowledge by first reading the article, then go to Log on to the members site and click on ‘Journal’. Then click on ‘ADJ CPD Quizzes’ and choose this month's issue. Select the option that you think provides the best answer to each question. Click ‘Done’ and in an instant you'll know how you scored. Remember to print out a copy of your score for your records. Completion of this quiz entitles you to 1 CPD hour. Please note the Editorial Office will no longer accept hard copies of completed questionnaires. The Quiz must be completed online and a printed copy of your results retained for CPD audit purposes.

  • Q1.HIV in the Australian community:
    1. is no longer an issue since combination antiretroviral therapy (cART)
    2. has had a resurgence in both incidence and prevalence
    3. is only an issue for the homosexual community
    4. is no longer an issue due to safe sex practices
    5. is not an issue for the dental practitioner
  • Q2.The successful treatment of an HIV positive individual with cART can achieve:
    1. a reduction of HIV virus to undetectable levels
    2. a reduction in the morbidity and mortality associated with HIV
    3. a reduction in the majority of oral manifestations related to HIV infection
    4. improvements in cell mediated immunity, in particular CD4+ T-lymphocytes
    5. all of the above
  • Q3.Common oral manifestations of HIV positive individuals on cART include:
    1. very few, as treatment had prevented these problems
    2. oral candidiasis, ANUG/ANUP, OHL, HSV ulcers and Kaposi's sarcoma
    3. linear gingival erythema, traumatic ulcers, angular cheilitis, human papilloma virus associated squamous papillomas and xerostomia
    4. linear gingival erythema and ANUG/ANUP
    5. xerostomia and oral candidiasis
  • Q4.A common oral manifestation of untreated HIV infection can include:
    1. oral hairy leukoplakia
    2. erythematous or pseudomembraneous candidiasis
    3. ANUG/ANUP
    4. Kaposi's sarcoma
    5. all of the above
  • Q5.Xerostomia was identified in HIV positive individuals prescribed cART:
    1. and was responsible only for an increased occurrence of traumatic ulceration
    2. but only in the smoking cohort
    3. the same as HIV positive individuals not prescribed cART
    4. the same as the general population
    5. and was responsible for an increased burden of caries, periodontal disease, oral candidiasis, fissured tongue and angular cheilitis