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Table S1 Distribution of isonymy parameters.

Table S2 The 100 most frequent surnames in Albania.

Table S3 The most frequent names of Arabic origin in Albania.

Table S4 Surnames with the prefix “Papa” of clear Greek origin.

Figure S1 Variation of the number of occurrences in 3 million surnames in Albania.

Figure S2 Variation of Lasker's distance between 36 districts in Albania.

Figure S3 Variation of Lasker's distance between 321 communes in Albania.

Figure S4 Variation of Euclidean with geographic distance.

Figure S5 Variation of Nei's with geographic distance.

Figure S6 MDS on the matrix of Lasker's distances between Prefectures.

Figure S7 Dendrogram of Albania prefectures.

Figure S8 MDS of Lasker's distance matrix between districts.

Figure S9 Dendrogram of districts from the matrix of Lasker's distance.

Figure S10 Projection of the 321 communes of Albania on the first two dimensions of the matrix of Lasker's distances.

Figure S11 Dendrogram of communes.

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