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Evaluation of driving confidence in post-stroke older drivers in South Australia




To determine whether self-perceived driving confidence levels are lower in the post-stroke driving population than their aged-matched non-stroke driving peers. A lack of driving confidence has been linked to self-limiting driving behaviours.


Adelaide Driving Self-Efficacy Scale (ADSES) scores were collected for a stroke population who returned to driving (N = 40, 25 men) with a mean age of 65 (SD = 12.17) years and an older non-stroke driver population (N = 114, 56 men) with a mean age of 72 (SD = 5.2) years.


The non-stroke and stroke groups showed no significant differences in ADSES scores (t(153) = 0.32, P = 0.58).


Stroke survivors who return to driving have no differences in their driving confidence to their aged-matched non-stroke driving peers. Timely recognition of lack of driving confidence might allow for appropriately targeted intervention strategies and prevent premature driving cessation.