This article corrects:

  1. Acknowledgement and disclosure Volume 54, Issue S1, i, Article first published online: February 2013

The Acknowledgement and Disclosure statement was inadvertently omitted from the supplement issue.

This study was conducted in consultation with the patient representative group Psoriasis Australia. The study was sponsored by Abbott Australasia and conducted by an independent research consultancy, StollzNow Research. Abbott assisted with the data analysis and provided a grant for third party medical writing assistance. Medical writer, Matthew Needham from OptumInsight, undertook the writing of the first draft and coordinated author amendments. Each author contributed to reviewing and revising the manuscript until consensus on the content was achieved. Abbott had the opportunity to review and comment on the manuscript content; however, all decisions regarding the final content were made by the authors. As such, the authors take full responsibility for the content and expression of the submitted manuscript.

Participants were made aware that the information they submitted could be shared with affiliates and subsidiaries of Abbott Australasia and Psoriasis Australia, or authorised independent third parties assisting in collection and processing of the information. By completing the surveys the respondent agreed to the collection, use and disclosure of their de-identified personal information.

An AU$500 prize draw was offered as incentive to those who completed the surveys. In order to distribute the $500 prepaid Visa card to the winning survey participant, personal information including name, postal address, phone number and email address were also collected. After the winner was selected, the contact details for all other participants were deleted in order to ensure de-identification of the survey data. This is in compliance with the Market and Social Research Privacy Principals under the Privacy Act.

[Correction added on 05 March 2013, after print publication.]