aje12126-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF115KFig S1. Human settlements in the Bale mountains national park and around the main mountain nyala protected area, Gaysay.
aje12126-sup-0002-Tables.docxWord document197K

Appendix S1 The potential for bias when using faeces as a proxy for presence.

Table S1 Variation in vegetation cover between areas with focus on the proportion of area covered with grassland.

Table S2 The number of 4 × 5 meter plots sampled for mountain nyala and cattle faeces in each of the seven study areas in Bale mountains, Ethiopia.

Table S3 The total and sex specific frequency of plant species browsed by mountain nyala studied from focal scan sampling.

Table S4 Separate generalized linear models for the effect of cattle faeces presence on the probability to detect mountain nyala faeces in the same 4 × 5 meter plot.

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