aji12066-sup-0001-VideosInformation.docWord document32K 
aji12066-sup-0002-VideoS1.aviWord document6429KVideo Clip S1. Uterine contractions with or without caffeine treatment.
aji12066-sup-0003-VideoS2.avivideo/avi2720KVideo Clip S2. Uterine influx of FITC-dextan.
aji12066-sup-0004-VideoS3.avivideo/avi2082KVideo Clip S3. Uterine and popliteal lymph node blood flow.
aji12066-sup-0005-VideoS4.avivideo/avi9320KVideo Clip S4. Uterine DC distribution during diestrus.
aji12066-sup-0006-VideoS5.avivideo/avi9979KVideo Clip S5. Uterine DC distribution during estrus.
aji12066-sup-0007-VideoS6.avivideo/avi4479KVideo Clip S6. 3D reconstruction of dendritic cell clusters inside the uterus during estrus.

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