aji12074-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif1149KFigure S1. (A) Representative diagram of spread out fetal membranes. Area was calculated by measuring the dotted lines. (B) Representative dot-plots showing the dual parameters used for the flow cytometric analysis. Monocytes (CD45+CD14+), NK cells (CD45+CD56+), B cells (CD45+CD19+) and T cells (CD45+CD3+) were analyzed within the CD45+ gate. T cell subsets were analyzed within the CD3+ gate. P4 – CD3+CD8+, P5 – CD3+CD4+, P6 – CD3+CD4CD8.
aji12074-sup-0002-TableS1.docWord document35KTable S1. Panel of antibodies used in this study.
aji12074-sup-0003-TableS2.docWord document40KTable S2. Primers and probes used for performing real time PCR.

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