A Study of Forty-seven Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms among Recurrent Miscarriage Using Classification and Regression Tree Analysis




Successful pregnancy is the result of multiple genetic and non-genetic factors. Associations of various SNPs described in this study have not revealed any conclusive results. We have analyzed 47 SNPs using statistical tools like multidimensional regression, classification regression tree, and logistic regression.

Method of study

Two hundred women with at least three consecutive unexplained spontaneous abortions before 20th week of gestation and 300 control women without any history of recurrent miscarriages (RM) were genotyped using PCR, RFLP and sequencing.


Our results revealed that Leptin 2549 C/A (rs7799039) and TNF-α 238 (rs361525) may play an important role in the maintenance of pregnancy. TNF-α 238 may act as a protective SNP and Leptin 2549 C/A as a susceptible marker among women with RM cases.


Present study demonstrated an association with Leptin 2549C/A (rs7799039) and TNF-α (rs361525) gene polymorphism among RM cases.