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Figure S1. Schema showing magnetic bead selection of DC-SIGN+ cells from decidual mononuclear cells (MNC).

Figure S2. Lack of correlation between %CD4+HLA-G+ T cells and age, parity, gestation and birthweight.

Figure S3. Suppression of allogeneic proliferation by peripheral blood CD4+HLA-G+ T cells. Magnetic bead enriched CD4+HLA-G+ T cells were co-cultured with autologous CFSE labeled CD4+HLA-G- T cells and allogeneic CD14+ monocytes at 4:4:1 ratio.

Figure S4. Induced CD4+HLAG+ T cells do not express Foxp3.

Figure S5. Gating strategy showing exclusion of CD14+ cells and doublet cells in the trogocytosis assay.

Table S1. Demographic features of the two cohorts of patients included in the study.

Table S2. List of antibodies and isotype controls used in flow cytometry (FC) and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

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