• Abortion;
  • lipoxin A4;
  • pregnancy


To evaluate the role for LXA4 in the pregnancy.

Method of study

We detected the changes of LXA4 and LXA4 biosynthetic enzymes in the mice's pregnancy, blocked LXA4 signaling pathway, managed LXA4 level, and treated LPS-induced mouse abortion model to systematically determine how LXA4 impact pregnancy.


The concentrations of LXA4 in serum and uterus were lowest on Days 4.5 of pregnancy and in labor as compared to Day 12.5 of pregnancy (270.2 ± 33.2, 277.5 ± 23.7 versus 457.1 ± 40.9 pg/mL). Inhibition of the LXA4 signaling pathway did not affect pregnancy during the peri-implantation period of pregnancy, but induced abortion when administered after implantation of blastocysts. High levels of LXA4 interfered with implantation, but protected mice from aborting in response to LPS.


LXA4 might be involved in the process of pregnancy, and LXA4 might act as the double-edge sword in pregnancy: the anti-implantation effect in the stage of peri-implantation and the anti-abortion affect after blastocyst implantation.