Suggestions for Further Reading

  • Callahan, R. E. (1962). Education and the cult of efficiency. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. [A good history of the efficiency movement in education.]
  • Levine, M. (1976). The academic achievement test: Its historical context and social functions. American Psychologist, 21, 228238 [Historical background of achievement tests.]
  • National Center for Education Statistics, IES, NAEP, State Profiles: [A treasure trove of data on NAEP tests from the beginning. The data are searchable with very modest computer skills.]
  • Nichols, S. L., & Berliner, D. C. (2007). Collateral damage: How high-stakes testing corrupts America's schools. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. [Very readable text in the best tradition of muck-raking.]
  • Statement by Dr. Walter (Denny) Way, Senior Vice President for Measurement Services, Regarding the Use of Item Response Theory to Score Standardized Tests. 5mSM [Response to Stroup critique of achievement tests in Texas.]
  • Stroup, W. M. (2009). What Bernie Madoff can teach us about accountability in education. Reprinted in Education Week (9/12/12) [Argument that achievement tests do not measure classroom learning.]