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The Politics of Climate Change in Australia


  • This special issue arises out of a workshop held at the University of Queensland in November 2012, funded through a University of Queensland/University of Western Australia Bilateral Research Collaboration Award shared by the editors (Ref: 2011001999). We also thank those at the University of Queensland who assisted with organization of the event, in particular Ashleigh Croucher, Gillian Ievers and Ra Lang, and for the additional participants at that workshop for their comments and contributions: Stephen Bell, Lorraine Elliott, Kelly Fielding, Andrew Garnett, Brian Head, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Greg Picker, Pedram Rashidi, Caitlin Sparks, Sam Suliman and Willem van Rensburg. We would also like to thank the reviewers of the individual contributions, Tim Aistrope for his editorial work and the editorial team at Australian Journal of Politics and History for their support.