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Online Appendix: “Why Do Partisan Media Polarize Voters?”

•.Table A1: Descriptive Statistics, Dependent Variable, by Experiment

•.Table A2: Testing For Differential Treatment Effects by Party, Experiment 1

•.Table A3: Fully Saturated Model, with Independents

•.Table A4: Validating the Measure of Media Preferences

•.Table A5: Partisan Media, Attitude Extremity, and Participation

•.Table A6: Partisan Media Consumption and Political Information, Pew Data

•.Table A7: Political/Campaign Interest, NAES 2008 Data

•.Table A8: Effect of Partisan Media on Attitude Extremity, 2008 NAES Data

•.Table A9: Effects of Partisan Media Relative to an Apolitical Control

•.Table A10: Editorial Experiment Results

•.Table A11: Attitude Durability over Three Days

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