Appendix A: Demographics of the Total Population Sample

Appendix B: Comparison of Means and Std. Deviations between the Self-Report Population (SRP) and the Clinically Assessed Population (CAP)

Appendix C: The Wilson-Patterson Conservatism-Liberalism Attitude Index (Exact Question Format)

Appendix D: The Conservatism-Liberalism Attitude Factor

Appendix E: Self-Report Phobic-Fear Index

Appendix F: Clinician-Assessed Social Phobic-Fear

Appendix G: Regression Results: Attitudes on Phobic Fear Dispositions

Appendix H: Correlation between Parents Self-Report Fear Disposition and Offspring Attitudes

Appendix I: Familial Correlations for Conser vative-Liberal Attitudes

Appendix J: Correlations between Relatives for Self-Report Phobic-Fear

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