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Figure A.1: Families Covered by CCT Programs (2002–2010)

Figure A.2: Voters' Perceptions of Candidates' Preferences About CCT

Figure A.3: Effects of CCT Scope on Vote for Incumbent Party Candidate by Strata (2002–2010)

Figure A.4: CCT Expenditures and Vote for Incumbent Party Candidate by Strata (2002–2010)

Figure A.5: Effect of Control of Local Power on CCT Coverage and Incumbent Vote-Share

Table A.1: Extended OLS Estimates for Determinants of Incumbent Party Candidate Vote-Share (OLS)

Table A.2: Predicting Coverage (First Stage in GPS Matching)

Table A.3: Generalized Propensity Score Matching Estimates

Table A.4: Pre- and Post-Matching Balance Statistics

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