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SI A: Additional Figures & Tables

A.1 Checkpoint Typology

A.2: List of Demographic Measures and Outcome Variables

A.3: Checklist of Items for Reporting a Randomized Trial (CONSORT)

SI B: Map Appendix

B.1 Simplified West Bank Map, with Closures (2009)

B. 2: Simplified West Bank Map, with Economic Corridors (2009)

SI C: Non-Response Appendix

C.1 Non-Response Rates by Outcome Variable

C.2 Non-Response Relationship along Each Extremism Question

C.3 Difference-in-Difference Between Non-Response and Extremism

C.4 Non-Response by Party Question

C.5 Political Disengagement, Disaggregated

SI D: Robustness Checks with Panel Data

D.1: Comparison of Experimental Sample and Representative Sample

D.2: ArcGIS Map of Checkpoint-Impacted Areas

D.3: Experimental and Representative Sample, Checkpoint-Impacted Areas Only

D.4: Difference in Means Testing Across Zone Intensity

SI E: Humiliation Appendix

E.1 Descriptive Statistics

E.2 Humiliation and Militancy by Mediator: Graphic

E.3 Humiliation and Militancy: Single Model

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