Morris MI, Daly JS, Blumberg E, Kumar D, Sester M, Schluger N, et al. Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis in Transplant Donors: A Donor-Derived Infections Consensus Conference Report. Am J Transplant 2012; 12: 2288–2300. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-6143.2012.04205.x

The authors acknowledge that the tuberculosis incidence in Spain cited in Table 3 of this article is based on older World Health Organization data, which reported an incidence of 26/100 000 (range 25–29) in a previous version of the cited publication, which was referenced at the time of the Consensus Conference [1]. Matesanz and Coll correctly point out the current incidence of TB in Spain [2], as reported in the 2010 World Health Organization document referenced in Figure 1 [3]. We apologize for this error. Other changes have occurred in the worldwide incidence of tuberculosis since the time of the Consensus Conference in May 2010, as noted in the updated version of Table 3 below. Please note that changes in immigration patterns, national borders, and the availability of diagnostic testing and updated reporting will likely continue to impact tuberculosis incidence in the future. Donor evaluation and recipient management will therefore require close attention to the changing epidemiology of tuberculosis, as the risk of transmission through transplantation may be impacted.

Table 3. Tuberculosis incidence by country of origin. Countries with incidence changes are listed in bold type
300/100 000100–299/100 00050–99/100 00025–49 000<25/100 000
Africa with exceptions notedAngolaBelarusPortugalNorth America
MyanmarSomaliaSouth KoreaLatviaEurope with exceptions
North KoreaIndiaLithuaniaLibya noted
 SE Asia withTurkmenistanSouth America withEgypt
  exceptions notedMorocco exceptions notedCzech Republic
 S. PacificAlgeriaYemenPoland
 RussiaEcuador Saudi Arabia
 MongoliaGuatemala Spain


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