Tuberculosis Incidence in Spain


Corresponding author: Elisabeth Coll

To the Editor:

Recent epidemiological changes in population have raised concern about the transmission of tuberculosis (TB) in the donation process. So it is with great interest that we have received the recommendations given in the article recently published in your journal titled “Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis in Transplant Donors: A Donor-Derived Infections. Consensus Conference Report” [1].

However, we would like to point out an error regarding the incidence of TB in Spain. In the paper previously referred to, Table 3 shows TB incidence in different countries categorized according to World Health Organizations cut-off points, Spain being incorrectly located in the interval 25–49/100 000 population. The incidence of TB in Spain in recent years has ranged between 16 and 17 cases/100 000 population [2, 3], as is correctly reflected in Figure 1 in the same article.

Nevertheless, we want to thank the authors for their excellent work in this magnificent consensus report.


The authors of this manuscript have no conflicts of interest to disclose as described by the American Journal of Transplantation.