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ajt12138-sup-0001-videoS1.avi2492KSupporting Material and Methods: Three-dimensional analysis.
ajt12138-sup-0002-videoS2.avi7092KSupporting Material and Methods: Immunohistochemistry and leukocyte quantification.

Figure S1: Long-term insulin independence after allogeneic islet transplantation.

Figure S2: Three-dimensional analysis of islets implanted in the liver.

Figure S3: Leukocyte subsets in portal space with or without islets.

Figure S4: Immunologic analysis of the transplanted islets.

Table S1: HLA status of patient and islets donors.

Table S2: Donor characteristics and islets isolation outcomes.

Table S3: Islets transplanted in the liver have a peripheral vasculature.

Table S4: Islets in the patient's pancreas have both central and peripheral vasculature.

Video S1: Isosurface reconstruction of the patient liver.

Video S2: Isosurface reconstruction of the human pancreas.

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