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Figure S1: Plasma levels of FK506 and CsA after 11 days of treatment in Obese Zucker Rats (OZR) (A) and Lean Zucker Rats (LZR) (B).

Figure S2: Islets morphometry in Obese Zucker rats after withdrawal of CNI for 5 days (n = 10 per treatment). (A) Islet area adjusted for total pancreas area. FK versus PBS p = 0.108; FK versus CsA p = 0.228; and CsA versus PBS p = 0.608. (B) Number of islets per mm2 of total pancreas. *FK versus PBS p = 0.010, FK versus CsA p = 0.202 and CsA versus PBS p = 0.293. Columns represent mean values ± SD.

Table S1: Biochemical and intraperitoneal glucose tolerance tests results at Day 12 in the lean Zucker rats (LZR).

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